Flag Person Certification (ACSA)


This course is applicable to anyone in the roads or construction industry and is also relevant to those working in areas that have heavy machinery operating. It is appropriate for those who are involved in operations where workers and the general public are exposed to traffic hazards created by vehicles and/or equipment.


Course topics include:


  • legislated responsibilities of the employer and the flagger
  • a flagger’s responsibility to protect themselves, co-workers and the general public
  • correct flagging practices, procedures, equipment and clothing
  • communicating with co-workers and the general public
  • dealing with emergency vehicles and other exceptional situations
  • Participants who successfully meet the course requirements will be issued a Flag person certificate. This course has no expiry
  • Note: Workers will receive wallet-sized cards from the ACSA proving Flag person certification after successfully completing the in-house training.


Duration: 8 hours

Location: In-Class

Course Capacity: 20

Fee: $90

Upcoming Course Dates:
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