Health Care Provider (HCP) CPR


Health Care Provider (HCP) CPR
This one day course is for individuals who are working or plan to be working in the Health Care field and require the Health Care Provider level of CPR. This course includes resuscitation skills for Health Care Providers and advanced skills such as artificial respiration and use of a bag valve masks and AEDs.

If you’re taking HCP CPR to meet a program pre-requisite or licensing body requirement, we encourage you to check that this course will allow you to qualify. Not all schools and licensing bodies accept all approved programs.


Prerequisites: None


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion valid for three years. Annual retraining in CPR is recommended.


Health Care Provider – St. John Ambulance


Duration: 8 hours

Location: In-Class

Minimum Age: 16

Course Capacity: 18

Fee: $105

Upcoming Course Dates:
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